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Michael Fielding Garber

Art, Architecture & Design


On A May Evening

8 June 2020

Join me on a walk reminiscing a May evening in the Suffolk countryside.


On a May evening the sky shines bright and clear — daubed with cotton-bud cloud.

On a May evening long-forgot close acquaintance is remade —  pregnant with expectation.

On a May evening the canopied lanes sigh — filtered in newly-verdant light.

On a May evening benign breezes tickle tender-young corn fields growing strong — rippling with expectation.

On a May evening the sheep parsley-powdered country lanes make-up — bewigged for the evening’s dance.

On a May evening at dusk-fall the graceful swift-winged dance begins — fluttering with expectation.

On a May evening memories of purple-tufted long grass linger — heavy with the promise of long, hot, summer days ahead.

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