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Review of resources pages

I will thoroughly review the resources pages at some point within this millennium to add new resources, bring others up-to-date and remove those which have changed/disappeared since these pages were created. Until then, I hope you will find the current links useful and welcome your feedback.

The key resources are arranged by type of use and when one might wish to use them. There follows a selection of resources, which I will update from time-to-time ordered by subject interest. I hope to also provide some insight and information into how useful these resources are and for what purpose one might find them of use.

Key Resources

It is perhaps most helpful to start with where to find information or resources on the internet. As such, these catalogues and search engines are highly useful.

Finding Resources

Key Electronic Journal and Book Resources

You may also like to have a look at the ‘Electronic Resources’ sections below, where more resources are listed.

The Resources

The resources fall across the following pages:

About these resources…

I will endeavour to maintain the links and comment for these resources. Please do notify my if any of the links cease to work or the resources somehow change and as such the comment needs editing.

Disclaimer: I provide the resources on this page purely as a helpful guide. As such, I do not necessarily endorse their content, opinions or beliefs. As these are (most often) third-party resources, I cannot guarantee their availability, suitability or authority of their content. I do not have control over third-party resources and as such cannot be held responsible for any matters arising from your use or visiting of these resources.